The Weekly Wardrobe

by Alexa Di Benedetto

When it comes to dressing, I've always been envious of those who can roll out of bed, haphazardly throw together some outfit with zero effort, and be out the door looking stylish in ten minutes or less. If there were a spectrum of dressing anxiety from laid back to anal as hell, I'd be teetering very close to the latter. If you thought otherwise, you have been duped, and I have successfully put out the false impression that I am suave.  

No, I do not plan my outfits by the week. But I do spend a lot of time staring into my closet, rubbing my temple and sighing dramatically, occasionally pulling something off the rack only to replace it moments later. My incessant indecision has inspired this post, and I hope that it might inspire you as well...

Ahhh Monday.. If you are like me, you start the week off somewhat of a go-getter. You're all, "Eat a healthy breakfast! Get stuff done! Be productive!" only to slowly spiral into a near-sedentary state until the drinks roll around on Friday evening. This outfit is adaptable to any mood - whether you're "I love Monday!" with no sarcasm or "I love Monday!" with sarcasm out the butt, no one will be able to tell the difference. 

It's Tuesday - you're hanging in there, but you've opted for a bra with zero support because really who cares. You do you girl! Despite this, you still care enough to accessorize. A statement clutch adds effortless pizzaz. 

Wednesday is hump day, and in my book hump day means full blown casual. If you've read my previous posts, you know that I am staunch supporter of the 'quirky tee'. Personally, I enjoy using some humor to fill the space that my small chest does not. 

By Thursday, the weekend's approach gives you some renewed energy. Heeled boots are a nice segway from being a lazy bum to stumbling in stilettos. They're like weekly training wheels. 

When Friday hits, go all out. Tone it so far up that the dial falls straight off. Wear 10 pounds of jewelry and makeup that basically transforms you into some frighteningly sexy version of your former self.

But, do it modestly, of course.